Kevin Hanson of Hanson Brooks Running Team

Keith (left) and Kevin Hanson
In this episode of "Running: State of the Sport," George and Amby chat with Kevin Hanson, one-half of the dynamic Hanson brothers behind the Hansons Brooks Running Team. 

The Hansons team will have a strong group of entrants in the U.S Olympic Marathon Trials on February 3, including top male runner Zach Panning. Panning, while not as well known as some of his competitors, is considered a definite threat to finish on the podium. 

Past Hansons' runners Brian Sell and Des Linden have been successful in their Marathon Trials efforts. In addition, Hansons' athletes have a sort of "inside track" to preparing for a big race in Orlando, Florida. The brothers and their runners have been using Orlando as a winter training base for several decades. They are well versed in all the weather-related variables.

George and Amby were impressed by the way the Hansons brothers have taken profits from their running stores, and poured that money into a strong developmental program for U.S. runners. They also gave plenty of credit to their longtime partners at Brooks, and expressed complete confidence that Brooks super shoes are as good as anyone else's.

Before talking to Kevin Hanson, George and Amby reviewed the biggest recent running news. That included C. J. Albertson's second 2:11 marathon in a week, Katelyn Tuohy's recent signing of a contract with Adidas, and the running Ritzenhein family.

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