Don Kardong Interview

In this new “Running: State of the Sport” podcast, George and Amby chat with legendary U.S. runner, Don Kardong. Don finished 4th in the controversial 1976 Olympic Marathon--we talk a lot about that. 

He also founded and race-directed the huge Lilac Bloomsday 12K in Spokane, Washington, and has finished the race himself 48 years in a row. A leader in the transition from “shamateurism” to open, professional road-racing, Don served as president of the Road Runners Club of America in the 1990s.

Other topics covered in this podcast

# How Don finished third in the 1976 Olympic Trials Marathon

# What he learned by racing against the likes of Steve Prefontaine and Frank Shorter

# His early 1970s training--up to 140 miles a week!

# Why he wishes he had brought a bronze medal back home from Montreal

# The joys of organizing a mega road race

# What Spokane’s city leaders thought when he told him the new 12K in 1977 would be called “Bloomsday”

# Don’s favorite stories among the many he wrote for Runner’s World and other running magazines

# His funny ice-cream quote that is most often repeated back to him

# What life lessons he learned from running

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